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Tustin Smile Care is a state-of-the-art facility designed with your comfort in mind. We are a family oriented practice and specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry and patient education.
Tustin Smile Care opened its doors in Tustin in 2015, adding to an already existing office; Big Dental Group in Huntington Beach since 2004 and that continues to serve the community. The offices are owned and operated by these two sisters with many years of experience.
Dr. Faranak and Dr. Forouzan are dedicated to providing their patients with optimum oral health by using only the best techniques such as high-tech digital X-rays and using top of the line dental products. As experienced dentist we have gathered the best equipment and employ the latest techniques and procedure available today.
Our dental team is composed of highly trained professionals that are ready to help patient individually with their concerns and dental needs. Come visit one of our two office today. We welcome walk-ins.


Our Professional Dentists

Dr Faranak bigdeli big dental group Huntington Beach

Dr.Faranak Bigdeli earned her dental degree from the West Virginia University School of Dental Surgery. Throughout her dental career, Dr.Faranak has always believed that providing an enjoyable experience to every patient is an integral component of a first class dental care. Establishing good affinity with her patients and involving them in the decision-making and treatment process helps them feel comfortable and in control of their dental health.

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Dr Foruzan bigdeli big dental group Huntington Beach

Earning her dental degree from West Virginia University School of Dental Surgery, Dr.Foruzan Bigdeli understands the importance of people skills and connecting with patients in her dental practice. She believes in establishing good rapport with her patients and involves them in the decision-making and treatment process to help them feel at ease and in control of their dental health.                                                                                             

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Tustin Smile Care!

Tustin Smile Care

Dr. Faranak Bigdeli and Dr. Foruzan Bigdeli, received their dental degrees from the West Virginia School of Dental Surgery. Together, they founded Tustin Smile Care in Tustin to create an environment where a trip to the dentist is nothing to fear. 
Equipped with the latest technology the dental industry has to offer, Dr. Faranak and Dr. Foruzan continue to educate themselves by taking new certificate courses when available in order to offer the very best in dental care. Both doctors are members of many professional organizations including the American Dental Association California Dental Association, Orange County Dental Society and American Top Dentist.
Our caring team members are ready to serve you and your family for all of your preventive, general and cosmetic dental needs in California : TustinOrange County, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Garden Grove, Seal Beach, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley, Huntington beach, Westminster, Long Beach,...

Tustin Smile Care takes your oral health seriously

Did you know ? ,Did you know ? ,Did you know ? “There many recent studies that linkgum disease—and other oral health issues—DIRECTLY to heart disease ! 
A recent study by the American Academy of Periodontology showed that people are twice as likely to have heart disease if they have periodontal disease. Another study found that other oral health problems like missing teeth, cavities and gingivitis are just as good at predicting heart disease as are bad cholesterol levels! Surprising, huh!?
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Dental amalgam fillings release mercury vapors that are harmful to the body.

Fact:,Fact:,Fact:  Minute amounts of mercury vapor (between 1-3 micrograms* per day) may be released from amalgam under the pressure of chewing or grinding. Patient today are given an alternative method for fillings which is a Composite Filling or White Fillings.
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Did you know that an estimated 90% if systemic diseases have an Oral Manifestation?

Example:,Your Teeth?,Example:,Your Teeth?
If you have worn-down teeth it can mean several things, Your grinding your teeth probably in your sleep. Grinding can be symptom of TMD (temporomandibular disorder) which may cause chronic headaches. If we notice that your enamel is thin it might be signs of acid reflex or bulimia because both regularly bathe teeth in stomach acid. These are only few examples….


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Tongue cleaners help remove germs that exist on the back one third of the tongue...

Tongue cleaners help remove germs that exist on the back one third of the tongue an area that generates a lot of bad breath gases. Tongue cleaning is a recommended addition to a daily oral care program and can supplement any bad breath treatment.Tongue cleaning,Tongue cleaning,Tongue cleaning   alone does not provide a cure for bad breath.
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